“I had hepatitis b before due to too much alcohol consumption when I was younger. My mother became a member of Dok Alternatibo in 2012 so I tried cleansing and detoxification. I was so shocked that after 3 days of cleansing I already felt the strength and vitality much more when I had intravenous infusion of vitamin C. I felt younger, more energized as reflected in my face and skin. Now, even if I don’t have money I really see to it that I have my monthly 1ASAPPP kit, Fulvic Mineral and Mix 10 herbal coffee. My wife was asthmatic but when she started using Mix 10 herbal coffee she became active and healthy. Activated charcoal pool is also one of a kind and truly healthy for us who have health problems and complaints. The place is surreal and the people are so happy. Happiness, health and positivity are found in Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort.”

–Louie Jun Montaño, 39 years old from Puerto Princesa City