“9 years ago I had a surgery in my thyroid. Now the doctors found out that I had lung mast and recommended another surgery. I was so tired of medical operation, it’s expensive and does not guarantee healing. I felt weaker and I had difficulty in breathing. In my fifth day in Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program, I felt more active, more alive and my breathing is already normal. The vitamin C is so great and the activated charcoal pool is relaxing to the body. I can do anything now without thinking or worrying about my lungs. Before this program I was depressed and anxious because of the possible expenses at the hospital. I was so negative and sad. Dok Ed taught us to restore our hope and faith. I am so happy here because joy is contagious in this place. I am a nursing graduate so I have little knowledge about this. In the hospital I was not healed and the expenses are painful. Hospital is depressing, here in Dok Ed’s coaching I can say that I am happy and satisfied!”
-Imelda Blanco, Butuan City, 47 years old, former production operator