New Logo

The NEW LOGO of Dok Alternatibo

It signifies commitment to serve only clients and fulfill their satisfaction. Smile is a must-to wear either when they buy products, avail services or looking for ideas!

The three (3) fingers signify three (3) advocacies of Dok Alternatibo that will surely make difference in people’s lives and they are as follows:

  1. Improvement of Physical Body – God’s perfect creation.
  2. Mastery of our Psychology – God’s built in vessel of His spirit.
  3. Financial Growth – God’s blessings for advocates who believed they can be a Channel of blessings for others!

Long Live Advocates as we claim our Victory! This is when we Show this symbol thru our daily activities! This is an anchor of our inspiration may it be on Facebook , Photos, Videos, Meetings, Seminars, Fun Runs , Celebrations, Campaigns, Community Outreach and among the others that you believe where WE can share our Holistic Healing Advocacies!