Health Advocate, DMNH

“First I am very thankful to God for all of the blessings. Secondly of course to our boss, the CEO of the company, Dok Ed thanks to you very much.  Also I would like to thank to the management team and to those who gave their full effort. To my colleagues who were very helpful to facilitate this activity and to all of you here thank you so much.”

“In this kind of activity I became more passionate to perform my job.  I know that I have the knowledge but I still need more opinion from the management team. I realized now that I need to become more open minded. Now I think wider.”

“I need to give an action for the entire plan in my life and in the wellness center I am now managing. Every one of us in the center must always desire to have higher sales not only double but triple. We must desire not only for our center but for all the centers here in Dok Alternatibo all over the country. We do it not only for ourselves but for the company.”

“We can do nothing without God.

 Once again I would like to thank again Dok Ed and his family and for all of us here because we are now united for the success of this activity.”