Rice cake is made from sticky rice that is why it’s called kakanin from the word “kanin” or rice. Foods wrapped in banana leaves are healthy and aromatic. Since bananas are typical in the Philippines, kakanins like suman and biko are served in banana leaf. Biko is popular during fiestas, birthdays and weddings. Its stickiness denotes sweet and close relationship. Rice cakes are usually made from brown rice, which is a health benefit because whole grains provide fiber, carbohydrates and phytochemicals. They make a good snack because they are fat-free and low in calories, but they’re not rich sources of other nutrients. Some rice cakes contain additives or added flavorings and sugar, so check the food label on your rice cakes to be sure they are healthy for you.


Rice cakes are usually fat free and low in sugar and calories, which makes them a good snack choice. Brown rice contains some natural sugar, but to see if your rice cake has added sugar, looks for ingredients such as sugar, fructose, sucrose, honey and corn syrup.


Putomaya is steamed glutinous rice flavored with coconut milk and ginger. Mildly sweet with a pint of saltiness, it’s usually paired with sikwate (hot chocolate made from pure cacao and brown sugar) and/or ripe mangoes.


Putomaya is wrapped in banana leaves and shaped like triangles. Putomaya can be made from plain sticky rice (pilit) or with a combination of black sticky rice (tapol) to give it that speckled look. The coconut milk makes the putomaya healthy plus the antioxidant of ginger and iron from pure and natural Pinoy chocolate.


Mashed Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is one of the world’s healthiest foods. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin B6 that fights degenerative diseases and heart attack. It is also filled with vitamin C for immune system and cancer-fighting chemicals. The vitamin D in sweet potato helps you absorb calcium and it increases energy and good mood. Magnesium in sweet potato fights stress and keeps the blood pressure normal. It also wards off cancer and protects the skin from aging.



Not only is cacao a tasty indulgence, its health benefits are extreme.  It has the ability to lower blood pressure, helps weight loss, regulates blood sugar which lowers the risk for diabetes and has excellent levels of antioxidants. Rich and natural cocoa has flavonoids and clinically proven to dissolve clog built up in the arteries, which helps in reversing heart disease and benefits the entire cardiovascular system. Cacao is one of the highest whole food sources of magnesium. The higher the cacao content, the healthier the chocolate is.The “hot” in “hot chocolate” is important as well. More antioxidants are released when it’s heated up. A cup of hot cocoa contains antioxidant gallic acid beneficial to treat internal hemorrhages, kidney disease and diabetes. Hot chocolate lightens up your mood and makes your thinking become clearer the flavonoids increase the blood flow and oxygen to the brain as it fights dementia as well.

Soya Milk

Soya milk is a very nutritious drink. It is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients provide energy and keep your body functioning at its optimum level. Below are the six most important health benefits you can acquire from drinking soy milk. It improves lipids with zero cholesterol, strengthens blood vessel, promotes weight loss, prevents prostate cancer and wards off osteoporosis.

Mix 10 Herbal Coffee

AkashaResto Bar offers Mix 10 Herbal Coffee, a coffee rich in fiber, minerals and nutrients that is loaded with 10 natural and herbal ingredients. This helps in lowering blood pressure, fighting toxins and keeping normal blood sugar level. It has the potent herbs such as tongkatali, germ wheat, herbal coffee, mangosteen powder, turmeric, corn coffee, spirulina, coconut sugar, and fulvic mineral.