Kidney and Heart Failure

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“I have been to different doctors and there is one thing I have noticed in all practicing doctors. They commonly prescribed synthetic drugs. Well, I am tired of taking too much pills. Every morning, I usually took dozens of synthetic drugs, eight in the morning, six after lunch and another eight after dinner. I felt something strange and I said to myself that this is enough because I was like accumulating too many diseases inside me.”

“In the past, I suffered Kidney stone, back when I was working in a factory. Then, I was told that my heart has grown big but it was not true, only a slight clogging of arteries. I was convinced to take pills for the enlargement of the heart which I regret after knowing the truth. That started to trigger my other diseases. Isn’t that ironic?”

“There was a time I was listening over the radio, I heard of Dok Alternatibo program. So, I pay too much attention to listen to the whole program every day. I was happy and impressed maybe because I had enough of conventional medicine. I promised myself that one day if I have the money, I will go to their Clinic.”

“When I was already in the Clinic, I was wondering, how in the world I got no ill feeling where in fact I never took my maintenance of drugs for my hypertension, heart and diabetes? No synthetic drugs, only herbal products of Dok Alternatibo. I undergone cleansing and therapy if I am not mistaken it was five (5) papers or procedures, I finished them all.”

“Comparatively speaking, in medical doctors, I am sick of their prescribed medicines unlike here (in Dok Alternatibo) I have all the feeling of satisfaction because all foods that I ate are delicious. Truly, I spend much but it is worthy because I ate or consumed them all. Before I went home; I chose to stay on the first floor because I cannot make it on the third floor. But now, I am presently residing on the third floor and I hated the ground floor. I thought of it as my way of exercise. I said to myself, glory to God at last I found these alternative medicines.”

“I said Dok (Dok Algy Bacla, DMAM); I will get back to you on March in God’s will but I continuously take Fulvic minerals. He replied to me saying, “I will give you something you will bring very often that is activated charcoal because I know you will be tempted to eat delicious foods perhaps you will experience indigestion.” Our activated charcoal will protect you and aid your digestion. It was true because yesterday I ate one (1) banana cue and I felt it never been digested. So, I took 3 capsules of activated charcoal, put some substantial amount of Fulvic minerals in my drinking water and glory to God my bad feeling was gone. Indeed, Dok Alternatibo formula is very effective. Once it runs through my system, the effect is quick and not only one disease will vanish but also the other diseases.”

“My sincere thanks to the Doctors of Dok Alternatibo they are all gentlemen. Of course, the lady staffs also are all professionals.”