Kidney Problem

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“Last December we went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure. They advised me to undergo dialysis, we thought about it carefully before making any decisions. We heard about Dok Alternatibo over the radio. I just disregarded it.”

“When I felt something I went to the doctor and had myself checked. The doctor told me to have Fistula so that it will not reach to emergency dialysis. We went home; my wife and I talked it over and came up with a conclusion, that if we undergo dialysis nothing will happen it will just costs a lot of money .That is why we decided that I will enter the wellness center for 7 days. “

“In the morning you will take chilies, water and after that the cleansing capsules and special formula, the result was good. There was detoxification and my body waste smelled really bad. I felt so relieved. I had high blood pressure and I am also diabetic. But I can see the great difference now. I used to drive and my body felt so weak. I was using maintenance before and there was no result that’s why we entered Dok Alternatibo. “

“For those who have kidney failure or liver problems, don’t hesitate to visit Dok Alternatibo. Try the seven days cleansing formula and just follow the program for you to be well.