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“I was attacked by my kidney problem and they brought me to the hospital right away. They used pain reliever to me just relieve the pain because I can’t even stand or twist my body, only lying down is what I can do as a result they’ll just carry me and put me in the bed. Actually, when they delivered me in the hospital through an ambulance they needed to carry me to put me to the hospital bed because I can’t stand alone without the stretcher.”

“I have a high ceria, high blood sugar and they fund many stones in urethra and in my kidney too and it already bumps.  They saw many stones in my kidney according to ultrasound.”

“I really felt pain. I was confine Sunday evening at the hospital until Thursday I still could feel the same pain it seems like there is no treatment at all, those pain reliever were useless even other antibiotic and other related medicines for kidney stones. In the next day they x-rayed me to know the reason why the pain is still there. They still found many stones in my kidney.”

“That’s why my doctor who used to be an internist already looked for someone or anybody else who has much higher knowledge over him. So he referred me to another doctor. During that time I already have three doctors, one of my doctor told me that if I won’t undergo an operation I should undergo the laser treatment. If the laser treatment will succeed I will not do it again. But the laser treatment is worth P74, 000 and if I choose the operation it is worth P100, 000 and we can’t afford it. I don’t really want to undergo any operation too. I beg my doctor to use only the medicines that can be injected and capable to dissolve my kidney stones that is my preferable option.”

“But my doctor objects to my opinion because he told me that he could not wait up to 9 months suffering with my condition. That’s why my older sibling went to the hospital and signed a waiver that we will go out from the hospital already. Then we leave, but we did not told them that we were going to Dok Alternatibo, my doctor thought that I’ll go to the Davao Regional Hospital.”

“We travel all the way to Digos outlet of Dok Alternatibo for the wellness consultancy, when I got here in the wellness there were still pain beside my belly. But since last Sunday we entered here 12 noon when I was admitted up until now the pain was gone.”

“Now I can already move my body unlike in the hospital. In the hospital I just lie down and there’s a time that I am only sitting on the chair for the whole night because I have a hard time to breathe as I was trying to catch-up my gasp caused by the pain but here in Dok Alternatibo I can already move my body side by side and even lie down, such a big difference.”

“I can say that there is really a big difference between the two of them (Hospital and Dok Alternatibo). In the hospital, whatever I take even the pain relievers there is no effect on my body and I can’t even have a rest even though I was injected with a sleeping medicines. Here (Dok Alternatibo) I gain rest and sleep without any pain reliever or sleeping medicines that was injected to me only the herbal products.”

“For those who did not tried yet here in the Dok Alternatibo, they should give it a try and avail the free check-up and they should also try the herbal medicines that Dok Alternatibo are producing.”

“What I can say about Dok Alternatibo, it has a good way of recovery because there will be no illnesses that will enter in your body through the use of its products. If people want to feel the recovery treatment of Dok Alternatibo, they should visit the Dok Alternatibo Outlets so that they can try it for themselves.”

“I’am Chona Balusdan, 46 years old, I live in Banga South Cotabato.”