(From Left to Right ) Dok Vince Lambac, DMNH; Chariza Bastasa, NHC; Mam Gumban, 1st Grand Prize Winner and Dok Syreen Te, DMNH


Dok Alternatibo Davao Branch Grand Healing Seminar was done well! It was held at Quimpo Boulevard near SM Mall BEF Building 2nd Floor Door 2, which was attended by almost 100 people including non-members who lend their time and day to hear the good news of healing through alternative medicine. In the counter area, attenders listed their names as they submitted themselves for membership, the counter became busy as members bought products before the seminar starts while others are still coming.

The seminar started at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning with Dok Vince Lambac and opened by his quick lecture on natural healing using the natural crops, discussed its benefits, and how it can recover diseases, he also discussed the use and benefits of FULVIC MINERAL by demonstrating it with the light bulb, how it can give light energy to the bulb so as it can give so much energy to the body. Many of the attenders were really amazed especially for those who were first timers, they became so attentive while others recorded the demonstration through their cellular phones.


After the demonstration and discussion of Dok Vince, proper lecture followed given by the beautiful guest speaker Ms. Syreen Te, the Dok Alternatibo HRD Head, who came from Digos City just to give right information on natural healing. The participants showed such eagerness to learn since many of them jutted down notes while  Ms. Syreen was discussing.


Galileo Lee, one of the first timer partcipants said, “dako kaayo kog pagtoo nga ang herbal maayo kaysa sa synthetic, kay wala may side effects ang herbal… wala nasayang akong adlaw sa pag-apil aning seminar sa Dok Alternatibo kay daghan kog nakat-onan ug daghan pud ang nagpamatuod nga naayo sila diri sa Dok Alternatibo (I really believe that alternative medicine is better than synthetic medicine because it has no side effects. My time was not wasted in attending the seminar because I learned a lot and I witnessed that the illnesses of the survivors have been recovered here at Dok Alternatibo)”.


The smiling faces of the participants proved that the seminar was effective for it gave them hope that even degenerative diseases can be restore to health as long as you believe and follow the formula of alternative medicine prescribed by Dok Alternatibo. Free check up and consultation followed as the seminar ended in the afternoon.


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