The 1st wave of Scholars of Dok Alternatibo Group of Companies in partnership with the 1ASAPPP Movement

As the class will start on June 04, 2012 (Monday), Dok Alternatibo in partnership with the 1ASAPPP Movement made an agreement with the Cor Jesu College for the 1st wave of scholars between the company, the organization and the school itself.

Just last May 25, 2012 Dok Alternatibo representatives oriented the 11 scholars (could still be added from the waiting list) out from the numerous freshmen applicants who had their good grades after finishing their Secondary Class. The orientation tackles about the plans of the company and the organization to them during and after their College Graduation.

This Scholarship program will require them to be in school during Sunday classes as being part of the Cor Jesu College program for the working students on the other hand they need to be in the offices of Dok Alternatibo in Digos City for their training to be an employee of Dok Alternatibo as soon as they graduated from the courses that they selected.

They will be having their education while the company will provide their tuition fees and weekly allowances every semester provided that they will render their training services during the weekdays while maintaining their grades in school.

The scholars were very lucky since this is such a very rare opportunity for the less fortunate families. The company will absorb them after finishing their course (depends on their performance on their job or in school) and even now that they are still students they have the opportunity to earn their living aside from their allowances. Scholarships are great way to cover part of sometimes even all of the cost of a college education. This is the 1st wave of scholars that will be sent in school for the opening of the class this June 2012 at Cor Jesu College aside from the Scholarship of Dok Alternatibo all over the nation from its livelihood program.

 Below were the pictures taken during the said orientation: