(From L to R) Dok Glendy Sanico, DMNH and Lecturer with the survivors of Midsayap Branch together with Dok Mae Ann Ruz (Middle)

By: Cherel Boquel

Dok Alternatibo is now truly expanding not only to its clinics and branches but also to its living advocacy which is the advocacy of healing all kinds of degenerative diseases through herbal medicines or so-called Alternative Medicines.

Dok Alternatibo Midsayap Branch monthly Grand Healing Seminar was indeed a success. It was held at Dok Alternatibo Clinic in Poblacion 3, Near to the Town Plaza, at the back of Sta. Catalina Cooperative last October 19, 2012 headed by the Doctor in-charge Mae Ann Ruz, with guest speaker Dok Glendy Sanico, one of the Doctors/Lecturer  of Dok Alternatibo. At exactly 9 o’clock in the morning, the seminar started with topics; such as highblood, kidney problem, and autism. He explained the vital role of our healthy diet everyday for the normal function of our internal organs and body as a whole. Like drinking juices from natural crops such as fresh fruits and banana trunk, he explained that banana trunk juice is best food supplement that contains vitamins and minerals that are good for kidney problem but of course not to forget with the use and help of the Cleansing Formula, the no.1 formula of Dok Alternatibo that is already proven and tested that totally eliminates the excess waste and toxins in the body so your system will be cleansed, and the blood will flow and circulate at normal level enable to avoid highblood and other diseases.


One of the survivors of Dok Alternatibo Midsayap Branch, Mrs. Carmelita Elnorbi from Sultan Kudarat, a breast cancer survivor, stated that she undergone cleansing formula and after 3 days, her bowel movement and urination became normal. After 7 days of cleansing she felt as good as though she has no problem anymore with her health, “nag-cleansing ako, after 3 days daw may bag-o kong nabatyagan ba, ang pag-ihi nakon, ang bowel movement maayo naman, after 7 days tua na, may alibyo naman gyod, kaniadto daw bloated ako ba, pero after 7 days, ok na.


As the naturally made foods were served to the participants for lunch, Dok Glendy explained the right formula of eating that is following the “1 meal a day” advocacy, as his explanation goes, morning will be our elimination period (4 am – 12 noon), we need to drink lot of water so as to help our body eliminate wastes, in the afternoon will be our digestion period (12 noon- 8 pm) that’s the time to eat rice and nutritious foods, and in the evening is the assimilation period, the time that our organs will repair on their own. In alternative studies it is really advisable to eat more natural foods like banana, b-complex, and brown rice for a healthy body and we need to change also and correct our old lifestyle to avoid diseases especially when it comes to eating chemically produced foods.


The participants were really amazed and glad that their day was not wasted because they gain a lot of knowledge from the speaker, from the herbal medicines down to how to use it and its benefits.


After the discussion of those topics, FREE check-up and consultation followed, while others buy products at the counter where many surprises and promo were given.


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