There is no life in the Dead Sea but you can get a life from it. Its mineral content and salinity contributes to the healing of your body. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are present in the Dead Sea. Your body becomes buoyant and floating is easy and effortless. You can even sleep while you float. All the healing goodness of the Dead Sea is no longer a secret, and millions of tourists flock the Dead Sea every year. However you might be on tight rope and want to spend less for the same value. In this, we give you the solution! Dead Sea-like waters in the Philippines! This technology has been formulated and innovated through the collaboration of alternative medicine and holistic healing founded by multi-awarded inventor and life coach Dok Ed Delibo. For the past 10 years, he innovated limitless possibilities to naturally cure diseases. This Dead Sea-like pools of Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort contain more minerals and natural healing properties to alleviate pains and illnesses like arthritis, skin diseases, inflammation, cysts, asthma, pulmonary diseases, and more.

The waters are chemical-free, flowing, as well as safe for everyone. The therapeutic Dead Sea-like pools just recently added colors to the wonders of Digos City, the Gateway to the South. Just recently, a group of Palawenos visited Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort for excursion, relaxation and therapy. Father Pedro Constancio was amazed and awestruck at the innovation and healing potency of the Dead Sea-like waters. He travelled from Palawan to Digos City to take a plunge at Dok A Hot and Cold Resort. “It was sure a very creative and healthy way to be healed. The experience was incomparable. Even if Palawan has the best beaches and natural sceneries, Dead Sea pools remain at the top because it is both beautiful and therapeutic. I even fell asleep while floating” quipped the 55-year old Parish Priest.

You body is healed and your tummy will be filled with unlimited food and drinks serving. Fresh fruit juices, tea, natural coffee, Filipino and Spanish cuisine, and organic lechon baboy-damo all make your day in Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort extremely worth it. The music and the place itself is a perfect venue for recollection, rejuvenation and holistic nourishment. This is more than just excitement and adventure because in Dead Sea-like pools, your health is our priority. Reserve now for yourself, friends, and family. Dial 0922-684-9925 and hit for updates.