Take plunge into the only activated charcoal pool in the country as Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort offers the healthiest black pool with myriad of health benefits from your head to toe, feel the better and younger you. It is not the fountain of youth, but a fountain of holistic health and natural beauty. Chemicals destroy your cells and make your skin look older and drier. With the help of combined technology and alternative medicine, activated charcoal deeply cleanses your skin, scalp and hair. It thoroughly penetrates the pores and revitalises your cells, thus giving a lighter feeling and washes off migraine, cyst, hypertension, arthritis and depression.

More than just a recreational place, Dok A Hot and Cold Resort opens a limitless activities for the whole family and the gang. A must-try food and drinks exclusively offered only here. The vegetable and abounding fruit juices and naturally-cooked foods will become your taste bud’s bestfriend. Plus, don’t miss the never-ending smile and accommodation, the perfect for Facebook and Instagram views of Mt. Apo, Akasa Resto Bar and the unlimited playful atmosphere for kids. Visit now at Brgy. Tiguman, Digos City and for your bookings, call 0907-737-8611 and more on www.dokedcoaching.com