Dok Alternatibo Ormoc Branch located at Rizal Street, near SSS building, Ormoc City conducted a Grand Livelihood and Scholarship program seminar last February 13, 2013, Wednesday, just a day before the heart’s day strikes. It was held at the newly renovated center, with wider space and better ambiance for patients’ convenience and comfort.

They conducted a live radio program with the guest speaker and invited all the avid listeners, members or non members. The speaker gave hints to the listeners as to how the seminar would be and what kinds of information to expect during the seminar.

The seminar started at 9:00 o’clock in the morning with product presentation of herbal and cosmetics products of Dok Alternatibo. It was then followed with a presentation on how cancer starts to form in patient’s body. There were 12 members and 7 non members who attended the livelihood seminar, and 4 out of 7 non members became new members of the program of Dok Alternatibo. Dok Romel Maraya, our new visiting Doktor of Ministry in Natural Healing (DMNH) from Tacloban center served as emcee during the seminar. He started with introductions; first of himself being the new visiting DMNH, then followed introducing the guest speaker/lecturer for this seminar, sir Jobert Empinado, new area monitoring for Visayas area, and livelihood in-charge of Dok Alternatibo Cebu Center.

His topic focuses on the livelihood program of Dok Alternatibo, and its potential as a business. He emphasized that business regarding health is not seasonal and a sustainable kind of business since most people are now exposed to health threatening factors, like pollution, drugs and chemically processed and unhealthy food items. He also discussed about the system of the livelihood and scholarship program of the company, especially for those new members and those members who do not fully understand yet about the system. As expected, questions arose regarding the system and it was answered well by Sir Jobert that it was made clear to the members.

Sir Jobert further explained about the direct selling, override commission, networking and other benefits that members can get in the livelihood program. Comparisons among the different networking companies were also tackled. Other networking companies just ask for the capital and leave their members without product, he exclaimed, which is true in most if not all other networking companies. Also, other companies have so many too good to believe promises of income, which are most likely to be a fraud.

During the break time, they served those who attended the seminar with mashed sweet potato with premix and wild honey, and fresh banana on the side, prepared freshly using matstone machine. They enjoyed the food prepared for them while sir Jobert continues with his topic. Some patients came for consultation during the seminar, and Dok Romel entertained them inside the new Doktor’s room.

As usual, they had “buy 1 take 1” promo on the cosmetics products. Mix 10 was not supposed to be included in the promo due to shortage of stocks, but sir Jobert asked permission to Dok Soling,DMNH of and they were favored to have a promo on our mix 10 natural brewed coffee. This was good news to our members, since all of them really appreciate the taste and of course, the health benefits of the coffee.

One of the members of the livelihood program of Dok Alternatibo, Sir Rogel Sepriano testified the benefits of the cosmetics products and the system of the program. Sir Rogel is a 23-year old supervisor of a private company in Ormoc City who ventured on the livelihood program of Dok Alternatibo several years ago. He said that he earn more income by direct selling of the cosmetics products than in his job as a supervisor. He also receives other benefits and incentives during the monthly seminar. One of his favorite products is the Mix-10 natural brewed coffee, which he uses as breakfast instead of eating meals. “Dili na kay gutumon ana. Mukusog na ko kanang Mix-10 lang akong gamiton” he put in plain words.

This seminar is a big help and an avenue to gain more knowledge on how to improve the lives of many people in our country. By having this monthly, Dok Alternatibo will continuously give opportunity to those who are in need and at the same time help the economy in the Philippines.