Mr. Gregorio Sapong (Former Brgy. Captain)

Mr. Gregorio Sapong was one of the humble and respective man in the society of Iligan City; he is a father of five children and formerly  a barangay captain in his present address Libertad Dimataling Zambonga del Sur  for over 20 years and he was also elected  for Sangguniang bayan member for  3 years. Now he is one of the very active survivor in Dok Alternatibo program (Herbal-Livelihood).

Without any hesitations he took the membership of  Pangmasa (Livelihood Account), for  he was really amazed with the benefits of our products, and not only that,  Mr. Sapong said that he is also so sure that the livelihood program of Dok Alternatibo will surely help every Filipino people.   Mr. Sapong became a member of the livelihood program after he took the Dok “F” Formula of Dok Alternatibo and be cured totally with the diseases that he used to have before.

After  becoming a member of the livelihood program Mr. Sapong proudly says that it is really true that our program could really help ,for he already received the incentives and rewards for being a member  of the livelihood  program is really an advantage for there are lots of benefits that we can get, especially during the promo day wherein there will be a  33.3% less discount.   He recommends Dok Alternatibo to everyone for he knows that naturally-made products here are trully effective in beautifying your skin and healing all kinds of degenerative diseases.