Distribution & Prime Hotel Manager

“I am so rejuvenated, happy and ready to face the new challenges in my life.”

“I can say mentally that there’s really a great difference especially with my mindset what or we called the positive mindset. I am now more positive of being a human and being a part of this company.”

“All of my goals now are clearer to me. I gained positive mindset towards my work. More or less I am valuing now what I have today and that is my present work.”

“There might be no exact or immediate result as to the physical aspect but mentally there’s a great impact on me. The program really attached me especially on mind setting with my visions and missions in life. It’s really a great help in making my goals and objectives. Now it’s very clear.”

“The activity inside the room is very unique. Unlike any other recollections, retreats or other psycho spiritual activities that I already joined this rejuvenation program of ours is really different. We stayed in the room and we gave time to relax.”

“I really appreciate that moment being in the room watching different inspirational movies, the experiences of the successful people or individual that had been shared to us. This activity is not an ordinary activity that we can experience outside because we are very pre-occupied for so many things or when we are doing our regular routine in the outside world.”

“During those three days staying in this hotel with a very comfortable room while relaxing and watching movies and able to hear the statement of those people in the monitor, that makes the experience a total difference than any other psycho spiritual activities or exercises.”

“First and foremost I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Chief Executive of Dok Alternatibo, our boss Dok Ed for this idea of capsulizing the experience or the transfer of ability, knowledge and ideas through the three days rejuvenation program.”

“We are not only helping other people or you are not only helping us to regain our strength physically but most of all you are inspiring us. You are rejuvenating us mentally and psychologically to become ready in facing the challenges in life and most of all to adapt the development that surrounds us today.”