Health Advocate / DMNH

“I am so blessed with magnificent blessings.  I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am right now. When I started to apply, I prayed to God if this kind of job is really for me. During that time I was interested to apply in two companies. However I did not expected in Dok Alternatibo because it’s not related in my past experiences which is in restaurant management but I’m here right now and I did not expected before that I will love Dok Alternatibo.”

“My second child, a boy has an enlargement of the scrotal sac. I was looking for alternative medicines because I was so scared for the operation of my child. My neighbor’s child also had the same problem with my son but the child had undergone three times of operation already, as a result he became sterile. So as a mother I am afraid for that to happen to my son too.”

“My mother has a friend which is a member of Dok Alternatibo. She convinced me to try to apply in  Dok Alternatibo. During that time all my pictures had gone already the only one left was my resume’ and my 1 piece one by one picture. I already applied to different companies in Puerto Princessa but then one day I was thinking to pass by at Dok Alternatibo clinic. I talked to Dok Junrel Bitang, I asked him if they are still hiring because I wanted to apply. He replied that they are still hiring but they need someone who is willing to be assigned in other places and if I’m willing I need to come back the following day for the training. I told him that I am willing to be assigned in other places and willing to be trained too.”

“So I came back the next day for training but still I’m praying if Dok Alternatibo is really for me because my flight was always postponed. I was confused, I didn’t know if I can train in Davao, Cebu or in other places.  I just continue to pray if Dok Alternatibo is really for me. If I am already assigned in other places, meaning God allowed me to work here and let me give time for myself.”

“Actually I am a very hardworking person, I have store in my home and barbecue during at night. I did a lot of things just to earn and help my family. I grew up with fear to God. Any difficulties that I had experience from the past I relied all to God. I am very thankful to God that I have a new family here. I am so blessed that I am here. Thank you so much Dok Ed, Ma’am Angel and Dok Winston.”

“I need to be strong especially now that I have the responsibility. I’m handling one of the branches and I am doing my best. I dream a lot and I learned not to think the loneliness. I always think the happiness. Courageous Movie really inspired me. Their characters had also suffered a lot but still they become a blessing to others. I know I can do it to be a blessing to others too and all of us are blessings. I absorbed all the things that I learned from here. Put it in my mind and in my heart.  By God’s grace I am now excited to share my knowledge to everybody. Every week I am conducting a meeting and we talked a lot for new ideas and I am very happy because I can see the changes. The management appreciated them therefore I am very happy for them.”

“So thank you very much to Dok Ed, Dok Winston and Ma’am Angel and to all of you. Thank you very much. I believe that even though there’s a great plan but we don’t give action to the plan it’s all useless. We need to do hard work with determination. All of us live in one roof with different branches but our father and mentor is only Dok Ed. So we should unite because we are only one team.”

“We become stronger if we work together. Thank you very much!”