Kidney is the most important organ in our body and it has a great function in our  system such as;  keeps the balance of salt and minerals in our blood, helps regulate our blood pressure, cleans our blood, etc. But once the functions of our kidneys become compromised our health will also at risks. Hence, we should improve its proper function to prevent total kidney failure because this disease is usually a silent killer.

Sometimes we consider pains and body aches as simply pains and aches. But the fact is they could be a symptom of kidney damage. Lower back pain shows an unhealthy kidney, that’s when you are waking up in the morning or even in the middle of the night and you experienced aches in your lower back, either in one side or both sides.  And then you go urinating, you feel that your back loosen up a bit and suddenly you feels better. If you have this feeling you must beware because this is an early warning sign of kidney damage but it is treatable if not taken for granted.

Other symptoms of kidney damage includes hypertension, anemia, fatigue and weakness, rashes and itchiness, swelling in various body parts, and changes in urinary function. Some causes of kidney damage are the chemicals and wrong foods that we intake, and lack of blood flow to the kidneys. It is advisable to take the right foods and drinks which is necessary to build a healthy lifestyle. Kidney cleanse capsule of Dok Alternatibo is the best supplement for a healthy kidney, it is pure herbal and organic and it has banaba and ampalaya composition for the kidney cleansing and smooth bowel movement.

By: Mira Artiaga