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“Before I came here I undergone treatment because my lung does have a defect on the right side, I undergone the treatment for more than ten months and I noticed that there is no improvement because I could not sleep well, that’s why I keep on thinking on how to solve this.”

“It happened that the wife of our Pastor visited our house and said that her child had undergone Cleansing program of Dok Alternatibo because of Heart Problem and she encouraged me to go to Dok Alternatibo.”

“Before my back is very painful and I cannot walk further in a long distance, that’s why I went here. The first time I came here, I feel dizzy and I didn’t know that my I have a high blood pressure but my main complaint is my back alone. I don’t have money yet to avail the cleansing the first time I came here, so I only buy some products of Dok Alternatibo.”

“I undergone Cleansing program for two weeks. After Cleansing I saw that all the pain I felt before gradually gone and then I can walk in a long distance already, the pain in my back was minimized unlike before and I can sleep well too.”

“I’m encouraging everyone to try the products of Dok Alternatibo and if they can feel strange thing upon taking the cleansing formula, they should not be discouraged and should continue because it is normal and it’s just a healing crisis.”

Dok Alternatibo is very good because if we based on the Bible; when God created the world he already created everything including the fruits wherein God said that it is for human, that’s why we should go back to the natural way because it is the basic and it is God wants for us.

“I am Mrs. Mercy Soler, 56 years old residing at 901 Quezon Boulevard, Davao City.”