“I was invited by the COO here. I met him at Brgy. Zone 3 and invited me to attend in your Mental, Physical, Psychological, Financial Rejuvenation Seminar. I was curious because I don’t understand in what aspect I do need to rejuvenate myself.”

“My expectation before entering here is that this will help me enhance mentally because when you are in business there’s an intense of stress. I was thinking why Dok Ed has a huge business but it seems stress does not affect him. Thus, my expectation is that it will educate me mentally, physically and financially.”

“During the workshop which ran for 3 hours with Dok Ed I remember the first thing he said was concerning the health. Psychologically our bad habits are depending on us it is living in our brain.”

“In the morning, if you welcome yourself in an awful manner then the whole day you will become miserable.  You must always put good things into your mind. We can’t avoid becoming indignant sometimes especially that we are into business. So if you put good things into your mind like happiness and you don’t always portray angriness, blessing will be with you the whole day until you go to sleep.”

“Another insight that we learnt during rejuvenation seminar is our eating habits. Sometimes because of too much responsibility in my business I always forgot to have breakfast and I only drink water and now I realize that I was right not to have breakfast and just only water. I already practice that kind of habit before because I had read an article from Japan that for you to become healthy you should take more water in the morning.”

“All participants in the rejuvenation this morning were also encouraged by Dok Ed to always think positive. If we desire to become rich then we must claim it. I will do that every day to claim that I have a good day, I am rich and at peace every day. My life will become harmonious and I will become a model in harmony to other people.”

“Spiritually, every day we should always think God first before anything else. We should share our knowledge regarding the rejuvenation with Dok Ed to others so that they will also be blessed, enlightened and they will know God more.”

“I need to start and set example first my family. I will set as a model with the things that I learnt from the rejuvenation seminar with the Multi-Awarded Inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo because that’s the reason why I am here right now. I should be a model for them. I will start it first with myself then to my family and friends.”

“Dok Ed happy 7th year anniversary, I wish you good health and more blessings. You already claim it every day and you also helped a lot of people in our community like the scholars. God always guide your life all the time.”