By  Dok Ed Delibo, DMAM


BY NATURE, there exists an apparent clash between two opposing forces. There is the age-old rivalry by Satan against God – resulting to good versus bad and right versus wrong.  In law and order, an obsolete law is differed with another supposedly applicable law – resulting to complexity of laws. There exists now the breakdown of the basic order and nature of principles—either these principles clash or attract.


In the field of healthcare, there is the apparent conflict of biomedicine, as articulated in RA 2382 or the Medical Act of 1959 versus traditional practice using natural and herbal medicine of RA 8423 or the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act (TAMA) of 1997. In principle, biomedicine is commonly defined as the mainstream medical practice in western countries, with approach of treating a specific disease or curing a specific symptom. Article II, Section 6 of RA 2382 even set-up required courses such as “anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and nutrition, pharmacology, microbiology, parasitology, medicine and therapeutics, pathology, gynecology, ophthalmology, otology rhinology, and laryngology, pediatrics, obstetrics, surgery, preventive medicine and public health.” While Article II, Section 4 defines “traditional and alternative practice involve treating skills and practices on health care used in the prevention, diagnosis and elimination of physical or mental disorder; it is the sum total of knowledge, skills, and practice on health care recognized by the people to help maintain and improve their health towards the wholeness of their being, the community and society, and their interrelations based on culture, history, heritage, and consciousness.”

In teaching, biomedicine contradicts the law of the body. We are taught not to escape breakfast. That it is the most important meal of the day, and it will keep us strong for the rest of the day. But in alternative teaching, taking in solid food immediately every morning does more harm than good to our body—therefore do otherwise! The natural law of the body especially on mornings when we wake up is elimination, not ingestion. The natural body clock, designed by our Creator is ELIMINATION in the morning, not yet DIGESTION.

In western practice, we hurry to take in solid food for a supposedly good start of the day. We indulge into heavy meals that just weaken us for the rest of the day, because we forced the body to perform digestion immediately. But alternatively, mornings are time for elimination. For starters, drink one liter of water every morning and don’t eat breakfast especially heavy meals. Why? Our body is our master here with respect to health. Have you noticed every morning that you feel the need to excrete urine and feces? Is it you who commanded your body? No! It’s the nature of your body to follow its own natural law. Therefore you have to consider your body. The human body was designed by God therefore we must follow His designed principles. You have to consider the elements that God has prepared and laid down for us to understand– minerals, water, and air.

The moment you disrespect the idea of the creator then you are doomed to fail and suffer degenerative diseases that will gradually kill your body like Diabetes, Hypertension, and Arthritis, which are just the product of disobedience to the law of nature. Remember, your body is made of minerals. You need water, which is 82 % of your body. If ever you drink water every morning and then you do not become healthy, that is not the right water you’re drinking. But if you drink water which has minerals (like mixing your water with Fulvic mineral), the very first sign that it is right is you do not get hungry. The bottomline is to go back to the basic principle of maintaining health, not maintaining sickness. Let us go back to our infinite source; consult our Creator for whatever sickness or illnesses that we felt. Because natural medicines have already been provided and we only need to discover and apply those, and definitely not to distort and contaminate God-provided medicines. Our creator knows how best to cure us using natural medicines than those arrogant creators of drugs. Because following God and it natural ways means maintaining health and be well.  But following the creators of drugs and its synthetic medicines means maintaining medication for your sickness for the rest of your life.

We are in a society of medical pluralism, parallel with democracy should be the freedom to choose which practice to prefer. We have the right to choose. For starters, Article 1, Section 3 of the TAMA Law should be fully implemented, like: a) To encourage scientific research on and develop traditional and alternative health care systems that have direct impact on public health care;

a) To promote and advocate the use of traditional, alternative, preventive and curative health care modalities that have been proven safe, effective, cost effective and consistent with government standards on medical practice;

b) To develop and coordinate skills training courses for various forms of traditional and alternative health care modalities;

c) To formulate standards, guidelines and codes of ethical practice appropriate for the practice of traditional and alternative health care as well as in the manufacture, quality control and marketing of different traditional and alternative health care materials, natural and organic products, for approval and adoption by the appropriate government agencies;

d) To formulate policies for the protection of indigenous and natural health resources and technology from unwarranted exploitation, for approval and adoption by the appropriate government agencies;

e) To formulate policies to strengthen the role of traditional and alternative health care delivery system; and

f) To promote traditional and alternative health care in international and national conventions, seminars and meetings in coordination with the Department of Tourism, Duty Free Philippines, Incorporated, Philippine Convention and Visitors Corporation and other tourism-related agencies as well as non-government organizations and local government units.

We, Filipinos believe in the natural way of healing based on belief in God, customs, culture and tradition—and we are well with these.