Dok Malou


Health Advocate / DMNH

“First of all, I am very thankful to God next is to Dok Ed with all his family and to all of you who are here thank you very much. For the first time in my life I experienced to attend a rejuvenation seminar, only here in Dok Alternatibo. Although I already had past experiences in work but I did not experience the good things that I have encounter here. It is really good to be here.”

“When I experienced the rejuvenation program for almost 3 days it was really different and a very good experience. Unlike in clinic we always feel pressure especially if we have special clients and they don’t want to follow instruction but here in rejuvenation seminar we felt so relaxing from head to foot. We always encourage our patients to follow instructions in the wellness center.”

“The rejuvenation seminar for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual including all our colleagues that unite with us I am very thankful because of that good VIP treatment which made me feel wealthy.”

“Sometimes, it is inevitable to become emotional because of total happiness especially if we heard encouraging words, of course all of us don’t hear like this every day and even before. We really internalize the message and you can’t avoid the tears that will come out. However, you can get the good message for yourself to change your mentality.”

“Concerning our activities, it was really fun. During cleansing I really enjoy the benefits. The bad odor inside my body came out and I felt so light because I was clean internally. Overall, it was really a very beautiful experience and I hope everybody will experience like what we had. We were cleansed not only physically, mentally but as a whole too. We are able to open our minds by the learning that we gain so much from this rejuvenation program.”


“Before, I know that I am good but I realize after the rejuvenation that my goodness was not enough. We really learn a lot by joining this rejuvenation program. That will be all and thank you very much to all of you!.”