Health Advocate, DMNH

“Like what others said, I am also very thankful to God for the gift of life, security and safety. Secondly of course to Dok Ed and all his family with the management team thank you very much!”

“When I was informed regarding this program I wasn’t interested at first. It’s not the perfect timing for me because the holy week is coming. However, I believe that Dok Ed will not going to organize and plan this acitivity for us if we can get nothing. Therefore I came to join. Today, supposedly we have a family gathering but I sacrificed.”

“Here, we were informed regarding the physical, emotional, mental and financial rejuvenation program.  I was just hoping that when the program starts I can learn good things that can be applied to me. First I focus on the programs that we did. Physically we had a lot of experience like cleansing. That was the first time I experienced during three days of rejuvenation program here.  We always prescribed our customers to undergo cleansing in clinic. Now I realized that it’s not easy to become a patient because you need to avoid the desire food that you want. It was very difficult to our part because it’s our first time. Like me I always eat 2 order of rice for every lunch and dinner.”

“Regarding the activities that we did, my favorite part was jogging together. It’s so good to have an occurrence like that because it’s very rare for us to have bonding together. I’m so happy and I felt really relieved because we were united even for a little time.”

“Regarding mentally, we learnt new ideas the things that we need to do. In our branch in Lipa sometimes I am stagnant.  I am now thinking how to improve myself.  Sometimes if we are not busy in clinic we visualize the improvement. We focus on health and sales. I felt that there’s something was lacking. I really wanted to improve myself. Rejuvenation program was excellent as what Dok Joey told a while ago that our small idea will become great idea. That’s what we need here.”

“In emotional aspect according to ma’am Mitch that if we are having personal problem we should not bring it with you wherever you may go. Every one of us has different problems, right?  Even if we leave our problems and hardship in our home it’s really inevitable because we’re only human. Being a part of this program, the videos that we watched regarding inspirational talk especially the movie courageous was really amazing and heartbreaking videos.”

“I remember a lot of things and I realized that I have a lot of blessings but I did not appreciate them yet. I am very happy that I am a part of Dok Alternatibo.  Not in all kinds of jobs that we can experience this kind of activity.”

“Before working here in Dok Alternatibo although there’s lot of companies that I can join if I really want to. On the other hand I am here, even if you have a big salary in other company but you’re not happy it’s useless.”

“I finished 3 contracts already here but sometimes I was thinking to leave my job and find another one but I decided to stay here because I am happy here. In Lipa I became happier because I am near with my family, my friends. They admire me and I served as their inspiration.”

“Speaking before the people makes me tense because I am not yet confident. At least now I’m able to develop myself and learned. It feels so good that I am here. I learned a lot of things. I know the job is not easy; the first time I work here I was assigned in Tarlac. I really don’t know where Tarlac was during that time. Of course I am worried because I do not know anyone there yet. But I need a job that is why I grabbed it.”