Ambassadress of Goodwill - Miss Digos 2012


Last September 02, 2012 exactly 8:30 in the evening the competition for the Miss Digos 2012 started in the heart of the City called Rizal Park.


Almost all the Digosenyos witnessed the event to see who is going to be the next Miss Digos and served as the representative of Digosenyos from the neighboring cities and will become the Ambassadress  of Good Will of this year.


There was 20 candidates from different baranggays of the City but only 5 lovely ladies stand out and make it to the Top 5.


Miss Sharmayne Fuentes from Baranggay Igpit went home the crown as she answered the question of the judge no. 2 asking on what she prefer to choose is it beauty, power or intelligence? The witty lady answered the question with a big smile and chose Intelligence above all because according to her that everything will just follow if you already have the wise mind and heart upon giving and doing decision in any situation, that made her stand-out from other top 5 finalists.


Dok Alternatibo gave products and cash prizes to the candidates and organizers of the event and served as one of the major sponsor of the another way of sharing the good news and deeds possess by the company coming from the generous heart of the owner Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, DMAM.