Dok Ed, DMAM during the Davao Branch Grand Healing Seminar

“It was a great opportunity to witness the seminar given by Dok Ed” 

Many survivors of Dok Alternatibo attended the Grand Healing Seminar in Davao Branch headed by Dok Vince Lambac. “It was a great opportunity to witness the seminar given by Dok Ed“, said one of the active participants who attended the seminar. The event was held at Dok Alternatibo Clinic Quimpo Boulevard near SM Mall 2nd floor door 2, with the especial guest speaker Inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, last September 1, 2012, Sunday.

The said seminar was opened by Dok Vince with his demonstration on how the Fulvic Mineral, the award winning formula of Dok Alternatibo, can give light power to a bulb that means it contains much energy needed by our body. Followed by the lecture of Dok Glendy Sanico, the Mindanao Area Supervisor of Dok Alternatibo, and finally the lecture of our very own Inventor Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo.

Dok Ed He presented the different diseases that can be acquired by man, and how it can be recovered by the one and only formula of Dok Alternatibo. He also tackled the way on how to stop the maintenance of the synthetic medicines of a patient and most especially how to maintain our healthy lifestyle using the natural crops made by our Almighty Creator having No chemicals added.

It was also the venue for the participants, survivors, and newly member of Dok Alternatibo to feel the comfort of using natural healing products of Dok Alternatibo.