Dok Ed

Dok Edgar Lozada Delibo, DMAM (Multi-Awarded Filipino Inventor)

Dok Alternatibo’s General Manager, DOK EDGAR LOZADA DELIBO , who is a Doctor of Ministry in Alternative Medicine (DMAM) as confirmed by the Open Seminary in the United States of America (USA), in his desire to effectively and efficiently serve the Filipino People through the alternative medicine practice, has been very fortunate to avail of and has successfully completed the following Clinical Study programs in Hunan Province in China from November to December of 2011:

1. Basic Theory on Traditional Chinese Medicine
2. Science of Prescription
3. Science of Chinese Material Medica
4. Advance Acupuncture
5. Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

With this developments, Dok Ed, the forerunner and a pillar of Alternative
Filipino Medicine in the Philippines, gave more strength and substance to the The Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act of 1997 or the TAMA Law, which until now has been sidelined and with no clear-cut implementation policies from the government.

This fact has not given Dok Alternatibo any reason whatsoever to back off from continuing its advocacy particularly on Alternative Medicine. Not only that, the knowledge gained by Dok Ed in his further studies will now be added to the very rich culture and wisdom of our Filipino Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

The transfer of technology regarding Chinese Alternative Medicine to Dok Ed will now become a viscious cycle as he will duplicate and transfer it to Dok Alternatibo and to the People.

The Filipino People indeed are lucky to become recipients of the benefits that Dok Alternatibo will be sharing to them beginning 2012.
By: Clovis JL Sabornido