“I believe that our body is a machine for living, so let’s protect it from illness and don’t paralyze it by encumbering the right remedies. Please bear with me as I share with you my Dok Alternatibo experience of natural healing.”

“I am Nilo Lorgronio, 54 years old, and currently lived at Mandaue, Cebu. Actually I formerly lived at Iligan City and my brother who also lived there once told me that there is Dok Alternatibo branch in Cebu so I visit Sanciangko branch and I registered as member. For me, herbal medicine is quite good and I find here at Dok Alternatibo the relief of my agony; and that is the herbal supplement and natural healing which are effective. I already proved it as I undergo the 7-days Cleansing Program.”

“If we have illness we had to find ways how to cure it. I suffered many illnesses like cardiovascular hypertension, sinusitis, and prostate enlargement. I was so glad because after the Cleansing treatment, my health is back to normal, I become stronger and energetic. It is a very nice feeling, my illness are totally healed. I am so much grateful that Dok Alternatibo becomes an instrument of healing such illness of mine. I continue taking the herbal supplements to maintain my good health. And I am now changing my lifestyle…I become cautious to everything I’ve eaten like in meat I never consumes it anymore. I follow the right formula; the right food and the right water to drink.”

“I am encouraging everyone who suffered different illnesses like me that try Dok Alternatibo, it would definitely help you find a total relief. I can guarantee you a healthy lifestyle. I am thankful to God that he used Dok Ed as an instrument to help the ill and poor people who can’t afford expensive hospitalization and expensive treatments.”

“Indeed, I firmly believe that healing is a matter of time and a matter of opportunity. So if you have illness provides the right remedies to end your suffering. Dok Alternatibo Cleansing Formula is absolutely the answer to your agony. Thank you Lord!”