“I had a dressmaking business but in 2014 I had a serious health problem. My sugar went up and I was always thirsty and became insulin dependent. Last December I tried the cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo and amazingly I was able to stop my insulin. I also used the vitamin C intravenous infusion and I felt more vigorous, healthier and I don’t need drug maintenance anymore. Then I also joined the Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program of Dok Ed, I really felt and lived the difference. I was so weak before and I felt my muscles tremble. This Rejuvenation and Coaching was a great relief for me. My diabetes is healed! Before, I couldn’t walk and I used a wheelchair but today, I can walk on my own!This program means so much more for me. I am healed and I feel happy, strong and ready to be wealthy! I thank Dok Ed and the people behind this program.”

-Juanita Pilao, 78 years old, Mexico, Pampanga