“I am a distributor for more than a year now and I can say that it helped me and my family. You don’t need to sell the products because the customers keep on buying and asking for more. Dok Alternatibo products are so in demand. I had hypertension before and doctors recommended a surgery in my cervix and I refused it. For 3 years I had synthetic drug maintenance but I totally stopped it. Today, I am healthy and earning! I tried vitamin C intravenous infusion 4 times and the cleansing and detoxification twice. 1ASAPPP also helped me through our monthly kit. My family is also an avid user of Dok Alternatibo products including my grandchildren. My husband is diabetic and through my membership and being a distributor, I was able to help him achieve wellness. I never miss seminars and coaching of Dok Ed. I am so amazed by the therapeutic pools at Dok A Hot and Cold Tech Resort. The place is so wonderful and I felt relieved and relaxed. This is indeed holistic healing!

-Emilia Hinayon from Palawan