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“Through the Citi scan we have known that I have tumor in my nasopharynx and then the result undergone biopsy there we found out that it was a cancer. The things in my mind when I learned that it was a cancer is that I know Cancer is a deadly disease because I have seen many patients who have suffered from cancer and did not survived.”

“At first, Dok Alternatibo was heard by my Father in Radio Veritas (Radio Station in Cubao, Manila) afterwards they called and my father tried their way of medication first and when I already felt different in my body they convinced me to try it here.”

“I drink only pure herbal medicines and organic foods such as vegetables, fruits that are all naturals and meats are forbidden already. When I used and took the natural formula of Dok Alternatibo I feel much better because at first when I am not yet taking the said natural formula and herbal medicines every timeĀ  I am taking synthetic medicines after few days I will be confined in the hospital. On the other hand when I am already taking herbal medicines from Dok Alternatibo I recovered already and the weakness of my body before is now restoring back, I already have my energy to move I could already eat little by little until I could already eat more and from time to time, the color of my skin is now coming back as well. It was burned when I undergone radiation therapy before.”


“Right now I am more energized and healthy, I could already sleep well and I could already make the things that I could not do before. I could already walk alone without the help of other people and my housemates will just serve the food in the table and I could already eat on my own.”


“When I had my check-up again the result of the Citi scan –the tumor is already NEGATIVE.”


“For those who are like me who have serious diseases too I could say that just try to use the alternative medicines of Dok Alternatibo and you will feel better as same as my own experience and look at what happened to me today my CANCER is already GONE.”