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“I am Ana Liza Señora, 42 years old of Taytay, Rizal. I learned about Dok Alternatibo thru Dok Fernan Mina (Doctor of Ministry in Natural Healing). I had acne all over my face before. It started from a mere pimple in my face and then one day I was surprised that it gets worsted. Something inside my pimple was very noticeable.”

“Well, if only you could see my old picture it was really embarrassing. Not only that, every time I find myself inside the public utility vehicle (puv) people were staring at me and even if without saying a word I could sense that these people are thinking that I might infect them with these acne or disease or whatever you may call it. It was so embarrassing that hurt me a lot.”

“The first thing I did after I was introduced to the naturally made products, I went through the cleansing program of Dok Alternatibo. I did it because I have already tried so many beauty products having on their label “acne solution” but all of it failed to cure my condition. My acne keeps on coming back to me and I started wondering why. Lately I learned at Dok Alternatibo that I need some blood purification; I need some cleansing and detoxification.”

“After my cleansing program that was the time that I started using Dok Alternatibo cosmetic products because I was informed that only a little impurity found in my blood after I followed their recommendation.”

“And so the rest is history. I never felt embarrassed nor having shame every time I had a one on one conversation with anybody. My confidence started to build up and I guess I get closer to my friends and relatives.”

Click here to watch the video of Interview