Maragusan Branch greeted the Dok Alternatibo Team straight from Digos City a warm welcome as they gathered themeselves during the Grand Healing Seminar at Dok Alternatibo clinic in Rizal Street Poblacion Maragusan Comval Province last May 27, 2012


Dok Alternatibo members listened attentively on the lecture given by Dok Clovis Jones Louis Chan Sabornido, visiting Doctor of Dok Alternatibo from Digos Chapter with some PBN staffs  who documented the said event.


Members (survivors / non-survivors) of Dok Alternatibo who joined the seminar were very glad as they heared new learnings and gained more new knowledge. Topic discusses during the seminar: How to avoid ashtma, cancer, highblood and diabetes.


The seminar ended with the a big smile seen unto the faces of the listeners as they go home with new things to ponder.



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