Senatorial Candidate


NEW health advocates of Dok Alternatibo voice out their full support to Alternative Medicines. These are the statement of the Senatorial Candidates during the interview made during the 17th KARANCHO National Convention last January 25-26, 2013n in RMC Gymnasium, Davao City.

Former senator Migz Zubiri, Karancho member and guest for the national convention emphasized that Karancho programs are based on healthy mind, body and environment. As an advocate of alternative medicine, himself, Zubiri authored RA 10068 or the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010. The law aims to encourage and promote organic farming throughout the country, and to lessen dependence on chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture production.

He urged Karancho members, including the public to patronize alternative medicinal products, especially the locally-produced herbal medicines. He commends the formula of Dok Alternatibo, because the raw materials of the herbs and the processing are organic and natural. Particularly, the alternative medicine advocate from Bukidnon patronizes herbal products which are grown by organic farming of fauna and flora.


Another prominent member, Grace Poe Llamanzares shared her own experience of using alternative herbal medicine. The daughter of the late King of Philippine cinema Fernando Poe, Jr. recalled that their family used tawa-tawa plant for years now. She said that it is a common knowledge that tawa-tawa plant is effective to fight dengue. However, her concern is not only maximizing the purported therapeutic properties of tawa-tawa plant but producing it to be free from chemicals. She vows to advocate organic farming of medicinal plants to produce alternative medicine.

Another guest of the Karancho National Convention, Nancy Binay, daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay prefers alternative herbal medicines. For her part, much that using alternative medicine is gaining global popularity because it is effective, she is also concerned on the economic value of it. The daughter of the Philippine vice president vows to help Karancho members in the implementation of sustainable agriculture program, by alternative medicinal plants farming. She challenges K-members to introduce to the community a sustainable agriculture programs and produce cheaper alternative medicinal plants and provide venue for local farmers to earn extra income.