Your Faith is your medicine. No amount of dosage or medicine can cure a sick person’s disease unless he believes and sees it as the answer to his pain. According to study the brain is prone to negativity bias thus it is coined Nocebo effect the archenemy of Placebo. Nocebo effect according to Reader’s Digest creates expectations of harm which creates negative health consequences. This has been magnified true by a German study in 2012 that patient’s expectations of a treatment influence the result.


Nocebo effect is also understood as the pessimistic outlook and idea towards future event including healing of an illness. Here are three points to ponder to avoid Nocebo effect:

  1. Find a reliable source and listen to valid testimonies of trusted people.
  2. Focus on the positive side. Even if you learned that you have cancer, remember that there are lots of cancer survivors and their best medicine is FAITH!
  3. Use your imagination. Your mind can create or destroy you. Visualize what is inside your body, relax and keep positive.

Always keep in mind that you hold the key to your recovery. The Rejuvenation Program of Dok Alternatibo involves Spiritual Renewal that will let you enhance your inner FAITH. Many people recovered with the use of this program as it changes the usual pattern of every person as a whole. The process is never that easy but it’s all worth it!

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Image Source: Christian Rehab Network