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There are natural herbs that are beneficial to the respiratory system especially by detoxifying the damaged lungs caused by smoking. According to Cancer American Society there are more than 7,000 highly dangerous and toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke that can cause cancer, and there are approximately 6 million people were killed by the use of tobacco each year (WHO).

To fight lung cancer, there is a natural herb that helps repair the damaged lungs; the OREGANO herb which has two active ingredients that keeps the lungs healthy. These are the carvacrol and rosmarinic acid, the components of oregano that are histamine reducers and natural decongestants. It prevent cancer cells to develop in the lungs.

Based on research, carvacrol is an effective cleanser, great protector against harmful organisms, and fight cancer cells such as lung cancer cells, oral cancer cells, and malignant brain tumors. http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/  On the other hand, rosmarinic acid is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial. It helps protect the lungs from infection and prevent inflammation of the airways. It also helps eradicate the unwanted microbes in the lungs and clear the nasal passages. http://www.heart-health-guide.com/. How to use oregano? Apply one drop of it under your nose and inhale.

It is proven that one of the main causes of lung cancer is smoking. However, it’s always your personal choice whether you quit smoking or not, but try to consider the life-threatening rates of lung cancer and toxicity of smoking. The right decision you made will be a valuable leap towards a healthy life. You can also visit our website www.dokalternatibo.org and find out the benefits of natural oregano cookies of Dok Alternatibo for a longer life..

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By: Mira