Diabetes Testimony

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“Since I was young I already had an enlargement of the heart.  Afterwards, I did not notice my illness because of my lifestyle and food habits my cholesterol went high and because of that certain cholesterol, my sugar level went high too. Every time I visited the doctor for consultation, they’d prescribed me additional medicines because another condition went higher which was not normal anymore.  My laboratory test result to higher condition from time to time therefore another prescription they had to prescribe for me by the Doctor which was too much to spend.”

“In the morning, there were 5 kinds of medicines, in the afternoon 4 kinds and in the evening 5 kinds too. So the things happened to me while frequently taking synthetic medicines I gained weight. So my friends recognized me as a chubby person.”

“Because of my diabetes, all over my body became so itchy. I had a lot of scars on my legs because I scratched it so deeply. The scars were black. It was so itchy including the back part of my body. They told me that my back became color black already due to the scar that I had scratched so deeply, I scratched it because it was so itchy.”

“One day I went to Dok Alternatibo but during that time I don’t have any idea about Dok Alternatibo yet. I am a member of a community in our place in San Mateo. My members were aware that I suffered too much. They prayed for me that someday I’ll be acquainted with Dok Alternatibo. Because when I was introduced with Dok Alternatibo, I did not believe at first. I belong into a Para medical profession. I am a medical technologist. So it’s really hard for me to believe about Herbal medicines that can relieve diseases. I was not enlightened about herbal drugs.”

“One day because of their prayers I was convinced to come with my members to visit Dok Alternabo healing seminar. That was year 2012 2nd Wednesday of the month of March. During the seminar I was enlightened about the herbal and the cosmetics.”

“When I undergone cleansing I turn out to be slim. I stop taking my medications from my Doctor’s prescriptions and I became strong. You know, it’s really true that when I interviewed over the radio, first of all my hair was all white before due to stress. I also had a lot of problems. It is really true that when I started using “Scalp Care” and Shampoo (Natural Shine Shampoo) they noticed that my hair became blond. They thought that I had colored my hair.”

“When I knew about Dok Alternatibo I am not using anything for my hair and even for my face (other products). Before, I had a lot of freckles because I use a lot of chemicals for my face. Now, I don’t have freckles anymore. They keep on telling me that I am blooming. I said ‘Thanks God, they no longer tell me that I looked sick’.”

“I really believe in Dok Alternatibo because only here where my health was restored. It’s been two years already that I don’t have any medicinal maintenance for my illness. That’s why I am always praying to God that the advocacy of Dok Alternatibo will continue so that it can help more people. You will never spend too much. I am very thankful to God because he guides me in the right path so that I can discover the right way in restoring my health from sickness; emotional and spiritual. I only acquired all these things here in Dok Alternatibo through the award winning inventor, Dok Edgar Delibo.”

“I am Lilia Jose, 62 years old from San Mateo, Rizal.”