“I am recommending Dok Alkternatibo to my friends and acquaintances all of them agreed that the products are effective, affordable and the services are very efficient”

I am Father Noe Hijara Pedrajas of Parish Vicar, BANGA PARISH. I have a brother who had a kidney trouble; both of his kidneys are not functioning well. We were deciding a kidney transplant for him because Nephrologists advised us to do so.   We were on our way to Cagayan de Oro to visit Devine Mercy Shrine for a prayer for my brother’s situation. When we are eating our packed lunch we met a nun and luckily she is a survivor of kidney problem, she narrated to us what was her situation that time, her feet were already getting bigger and her creatinine was high only to find out that the Dok Alternatibo had cured her disease.

We were convinced with her testimony so after taking our lunch, we rushed our way to Dok Alternatibo Bulua Branch, there we met Dok Soling Bitang. Dok Soling examined my brother; along with the laboratory results she told us that the case of my brother is not hopeless. She asked us our place of origin and upon knowing that we are from Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, she referred us to Dok Alternatibo Surallah branch because it is nearer our place.   When we arrived to Dok Alternatibo Surallah branch, there we met Dok Ruper Sujede. Dok Ruper was full of hope, telling and explaining to us the advantages of Dok Alternatibo’s Diet Healing Program and the disadvantages of the Synthetic medicines. Right away we were convinced. And we bought the 1st week Diet Herbal Program of Dok Alternatibo (Dok “F” Formula).

After the first month of the Diet Herbal program under Dok Alternatibo, we had my brother’s laboratory tests; his Creatinine is now far lower that before, and he still continuing the herbal program with Dok Alternatibo.   What is good about it is that, even me now, I submitted to Diet herbal program… and I keep recommending it to all my friends. In fact all of them agreed that the products are effective, affordable and the services are very efficient. The staff of Surallah DOK ALTERNATIBO is friendly indeed. Thank You Dok Alternatibo.