When manufacturing agricultural products, others claim they are good, others claim they are better but you got to have “proofs” to claim these titles. Only PAYO MANUFACTURING CORPORATION received the Highest Award, Golden Record Award and the most Prestigious one is “The Presidential Award” for its invention, which has been proven and tested by so many satisfied customers all over the Philippines. For over 41 years of manufacturing they have proven their expertise that gave them the authority to call themselves “THE BEST.”

The NEWEST machine that Payo is now offering to the global market is the PAYO INDUSTRIAL JUICER that can separate the pulp of leafy vegetables, fruits, meat and root crops from the juice it can produced. The separated pulp can be used for other products like powder or extender of the raw material. Its juicing parts include the feed tube, drum, pusher, juicing screen, drum cap, juicing nozzle, containers and sifter.

 After putting the materials into the feed tube (3.25 inches diameter) and push them with the use of push- er it will go directly to the auger while the juicing screen is set-up at the end of the auger. When the auger rotates fruits, vegetables, root crops, fish, meat or other materials that will be extracted these will crushed against the wall of the  juicing  screen  and in the process the juice is extracted. The juice then goes out the juice outlet on the other hand pulp goes out in the pulp outlet. The container with the sifter receives the juice while the other container receives the pulp that resulted a zero waste   properties   and multi-purpose use.

PAYO INDUSTRIAL JUICER is made of high quality stainless steel making it maintenance free, economical since it only consumes 2 horse power at 1.5 kilowatts. It is running low speed where you could get finest vitamins and sensitive enzymes what the fruits, vegetables and root crops contain because it does not oxidize the juice and there is NO heat created during the production.

Today, Dok Alternatibo “The Expert in Alternative Medicines” and the leading advocate of herbal and natural way of healing in the Philippines is now using the PAYO INDUSTRIAL  JUICER  in manufacturing Lemon Grass and Ginger grass juice. On the other hand, lagundi, sambong, kalabo, malunggay, corn and other more herbs and root crops are now under the experimentation in the Demonstration farm of Dok Alternatibo located in Davao del Sur. This machine could produce 50 to 100 products such as cassava flour, coconut flour, chocolate, peanut butter, healthy noodles, powdered vegetables, seasonings, nutritious juices, tea, coconut milk and among others it will depends on the creativity of the user.

Payo Manufacturing Corporation only guarantee high quality! Visit their website for more details www.payomanufacturing.com or call (082) 297-0924 / (082)297-2796 for more agricultural products inquiry.