Dok Syreen Te during the Natural Healing lecture

Dok Alternatibo Polomolok Branch successfully handled another Grand Healing Seminar back to back with livelihood and scholarship program held last October 31, 2012 Wednesday at Dok Alternatibo Polomolok Branch Healing Center  Zennia St.

 Dok Syreen Te served as the guest speaker for the natural healing started her lecture regarding natural health insemination topic that started around 9 o’clock in the morning and followed by Mr. Reher Ybañez for the discussion of the livelihood & scholarship program seminar.  There are almost 60 participants during the day that carefully listened & understood every single detail of the discussion enable to apply in their daily lives.

 The staffs of the said clinic prepared a B – Complex butter, Sweet potato hotdog & natural sweet potato juice with malunggay & Pineapple that was extracted through the multi-purpose machine for the nutritious lunch of the participants.  The said activity successfully end  around 1 o’clock in the afternoon and lots of members avail the promo on that day both herbal & cosmetics products.


After the event a FREE Check up and Consultation from the Doctor of Ministry in Natural Healing was made to the avid listeners and believers.


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