Dok Alternatibo Prime Balita newspaper is now circulating all over the Philippines releasing weekly news update spreading rapidly throughout the nation consisting full blast of valuable information.


As Dok Alternatibo Corporation succeeded in spreading the good news that there is hope for any kind of degenerative diseases through radio programs here comes another venture of success in reaching more and more individuals to be a part of its advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyle enable to attain harmonious community. It’s a big challenge that company is now pushing with a big smirk as it aims to be a part of morning activity of every Filipino reader’s of newspaper.

Dok Edgar L. Delibo, DMAM the CEO / President of the company supports and launches another way of reaching Filipino people through its newspaper Prime Balita for the benefit of giving health services and useful information to the readers who are also willing to adopt change and accepts the challenge of living in the most natural way of survival.

Mr. Clovis JL Sabornido, MPA, RREA the Editor in Chief stated “Prime Balita Newspaper is just an additional way in reaching more people to be a part of our family as we strive to attain healthy community and provide hope to all Filipino.”

Most of the information’s given to the said newspaper aside from the updates of our state it also provides infomercials that will educate all of the readers the benefit of having a healthy living.