When it comes to prolonging life, a lot of offers are surely available from conventional medicine and other alternative healing process. Only few organisations have campaigned that the genuine road to extend life is through holistic healing. Life is more than just a breathing nostrils and a moving body. The mind and the spirit are vital to stimulate life. Depression is now a major health concerns around the world and even suicide rates are ascending among teens because of this mental condition. By this we can affirm that a healthy physical body is not enough to sustain life. For 10 years now, Dok Alternatibo and its existing programs and natural healing formula are gaining attention across the world because of its simple and no nonsense approach in healing the body, mind and spirit. Even cancer can be cured with the right formula free from chemicals and drugs. Nature has created means to heal the body and through the correct water, air, food, herbs, mediation and optimism nothing is impossible for the body. We’ll gladly share with you our natural and holistic healing approach. Read more at www.dokedcoaching.com