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“I was diagnosed of having a Prostate Cancer but it was still in the Early Stage. They gave me tablets but I did not consume it for a long time because my child brought me to Pulan and I even brought my tablets when we went there. I saw that there were many Big Pharmaceuticals that are selling Herbal Products too.”

“Those Pharmaceutical companies will not Entertain and sell you herbal products if you don’t have any Prescription. My child does not like in going there too. So we went to some herbal stores, they will just ask you on what is your illness and they will immediately gave you products and explained which one is good for you. Then, I took those herbal products. When I came back it was already after 90 days I guess, I am still taking those products and I even bought more.”

“Until Dok Alternatibo came out, I was encouraged and I stopped taking those herbal products that I used to take before when we went to Pulan. I came to know Dok Alternatibo through radio program made by Dok Ludi. They told me that I need to undergo cleansing program where I need to frequently take b-complex and I still continue taking it until now.”

“Before I used to urinate frequently especially during night my sleep will be disturbed because I need to pee. There are even times that I need to pee six (6) or more times at night and you really need to get up when you wanted to relieve yourself, but now it’s totally gone.”

“For those who are peaked and did not tried yet the products of Dok Alternatibo it will be better for you to try it because the assurance of recovery here is attainable.”

“I am Anatolio Borodario my age now is 77.”