Director Josue de Villa Go – NTC Region XI, Davao City

“I am Director Josue de Villa Go of the National Telecommunications Commission Region XI, Davao City. I am 51 years old now, I have two children the oldest is a seaman and the youngest just took the bar exam in Manila, my wife is a teacher.”

“Before I experienced changes in my body and health I was suffering difficulties in going to sleep. It used to be 2 or 1 in the morning where I actually turn on all entertaining sound system and even Television just to make my mind become weary and eventually make me fall asleep.”

“One day I came to know a person who was known to be Dok Ed Delibo who went to my office in National Telecommunications Davao. He asked for my current body condition and I told him that I could not sleep easy later than 1am or 2am. Another thing that I am troubled about is that I could not waste 3 times a day. I thought before that it is alright to waste one time within three days. I am happy already if I’m able to make it but I was wrong and I should not be happy at all with that condition. That is maybe the reason why I easily got sicked and experienced stomach ache.

“The only solution is to undergo cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo. After taking the cleansing program my body is now looking for bed to sleep every 9pm even if there is no music at all it really wanted to sleep already. That is why I am really considering Dok Alternatibo as a big blessing because of its cleansing program initiated by Dok Ed where the wisdom was given to him.”

“Another thing that I am thankful about is that I could already waste 2 to 3 times a day. It was a problem of yesterday and the solution is now given.”

“My challenge now for all of those who are listening and did not try yet the Dok Alternatibo formula do not waste your body, health and even your life. They are reachable with your hands and they even have telephone, email address and you can even search them through your computer kindly contact now Dok Alternatibo they have many wellness centers nationwide. So that you can also experience the goodness and relief it brought  me by this formula.”

“To you Dok Ed please continue your advocacy we will pray for you that God will pour more the light and wisdom that was not given to anyone but only to you alone. Long live Dok Ed. In the name of God. For those who are listening I am your Regional Director of National Telecommunications, a pastor for 30 years. God said that it is not just praying alone but God challenges us in the book of James that we should also put oil after our prayer.”

“All of these products are product from the herbs that can be seen in our place. Thank you and God bless us all.”