“I am Dra. Elizabeth Micaller, I am a Naturopathic doctor, I have PHD and Iridology and a lot more courses. I studied from 1983-1988 in Los Angeles.  So it’s not an overnight course, it’s a basically a long course together with so many other courses.”

“The PINS stands for the Philippine Institute for Naturopathic Sciences. As of now we are the only certified Institute to give Naturopathic Practitioner Certificates. And as of now I’m also still the only what you call this Certified Naturopathic Practitioner by the DOH.”

“I am very proud to have accepted as being International Iridologist of the year from the IIPA or International Iridology Association of the United States base. And the fact that they honor than Asian for this it is really a better honor for me.”

“Naturopathy is a method of healing where it is not limited to a specific modality. But the real main principle is the healing power of nature. You see in truth you can give any food supplement or whatever, it is not on to make a new cell. So it is really the body and its innate nature to heal that is really curing the person. And then the more important thing is we treat the whole person so we take into consideration the mind. How the person thinks, what are their beliefs because we always look at the mind first and emotions before treat the physical. Because I always teach that before it comes into being it is first thought off. And I say thoughts become thinks.”

“You see as they say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Like a lot of people they study one little thing then they think they can treat all diseases. But they’re just doing one little thing, they don’t take care of the whole person. They forget nutrition. This is a fact; medical doctors forge nutrition. For them it is an ailment they give a drug, they never give nutrition. They never tell a person you have to sleep well, you have to drink water, how much water you drink. That a Naturopath will do. So if a person is learned that only in one method or one modality they’ll never be a Naturopath.”

“If you want to be in the healing world, it is always best to be certified and recognized by the government. You can learn different courses from different areas but the ultimate is people will recognize you if they know, the government also recognizes you. And of course DokAlternatiboand all of his group will be able to put you altogether and bring you us so that will be able to make a reality for your desire to be certified.”

“Ed has been my student sometime ago, I’d like to say I molded him a bityou know. And I have seenhow he has grown and how he has use his expertise in media, and also his expertise of being an inventor in creating all of his products and whatever. You think he work and even think of.”

“It is very a welcome event for me because I am a quite person and he is the outgoing person, so you know how it is. It’s always a good partnership when one is a quite one and the other one is a noisy one (laugh).”