Compostela Valley Province

“It’s far on my expectation of what I experienced here. First of all, they have a very nice accommodation. The accommodation alone I’m so much happy. I never expected that this is what I’m going to experience here, because all of the staff, everybody who had helped us here from serving us foods, they are all very accommodating.

“There are many improvements in my body like at my back which is aching before, I barely felt it now. Also here in my breast I never felt the pain unlike before that is really painful. We really have too much here because in this 7-day rejuvenation my body was really recovered. I feel relax, and my body, mind and spirit were rejuvenated.

“What I can’t forget here is the meditations which is for me it is very meaningful. When we are praying I really feel that I am talking to the Lord. I have faith that God will truly heal me because for me there’s nothing impossible to Him.

“Even though it is only a 7-day rejuvenation but it has a great contribution in my life, not only on my beautiful outlook in the future. To my family, relatives and friends I am thinking of something to do so that all my experiences here will be shared to them.

“To the staff I bowed to them because they’ve done their very best in order for us to develop our physical, spiritual, and mental aspects. Our whole personality was truly developed. I really appreciate their goodness and kindness, especially to Dok Ed I never expect that he’s like that, I guess I can’t able to talk to him as of being a friend. If you ask him something, he really answers your question very well, and you will be satisfied on his answers, and you will really trust on his words.

“All I can say to them is if ever they have illnesses, I guaranteed to them that they will really improve and recover here with their illness. First of all, if you have faith in God He will help you with all your problems, because all our activities here like the meditation I was really blessed with it. I really enjoyed all the activities here in the rejuvenation. I told to myself that I will learn to be happy always because I am valuable too, a valuable person which is a child of God. And I am entitled to be happy.

“I am Martina Elisan , from Compostela Valley, 67 years old.”