You don’t deserve extreme pains, you don’t deserve to maintain your disease for a lifetime and most of all you don’t deserve to spend your hard-earned money in hospitals and medicine. Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program is a guaranteed formula in holistic healing. The surest and fastest way to detoxify, try the Vitamin C intravenous infusion, and the life-changing coaching of Asia’s most successful and most recognized authority in alternative and holistic healing Dok Ed Delibo.

“”My kidney is in trouble and then I became a regular patient in the hospital and became even weaker. My health condition was not good and I was at lost when I was referred to undergo dialysis. I gained my hope when  I joined Dok Alternatibo seminar and was encouraged to submit to Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program. I found the truth about health in here. The cleansing and detoxification plus coaching greatly helped me in understanding my health and my life. I feel lighter here and the pains are gone. My blood pressure is now normal and I was so amazed because of the transformation and rejuvenation in my health”

–Rodelio Gotera, 53 years old from Panabo City

The 7-day program constitutes herbal and nutritious food, ecotherapy, meditation and a chance to experience the Dead Sea-like waters and activated charcoal pools in Dok A Hot and Cold Technology Resort. Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver problem, fatigue and anxiety –all degenerative diseases don’t belong to your body. The choice is yours. Call now for free health consultation at 0922-684-9925. Hit for insights and updates.