The Back to Back Grand Healing Seminar was successfully held last October 27, 2012 in Ilo-ilo City Branch of Dok Alternatibo. The Guest Speakers of the said event were Dok Benjie Almanon, DMNH / Lecturer and Mr. Edel S. Roderos, National Chairman of 1ASAPPP Movement the partner of Dok Alternatibo in fighting and spreading its advocacy all over the world.

The event was being attended by the members and non-members of Dok Alternatibo in Ilo-ilo who learned a lot upon maintaining their health and how to avoid any kind of degenerative diseases by using only the Dok “F” Formula of Dok Alternatibo. While the knowledge of the livelihood members were also being added on how to make their business more progressive. During the event some of the members received already their referral bonus and incentives that made them all more grateful. The members who were randomly chosen to win the monthly draw for the Prapremyo sa Resibo were also satisfied and brought home with them their prizes worth of 10,000.00 of Herbal and Cosmetics Products.


Everyone were so thankful for the success of the event especially the non-members who were really amazed with the wonders of the naturally-made products of Dok Alternatibo.


Dok Alternatibo Iloilo City Branch Staffs – Dok Joseph Junifer F. Buytrago, DMNH, Reshiel Tagarda NHC, and Marilyn Joy Acope LI.


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