Dok Edgar Delibo, Grand Healing Seminar-Sanciangko Branch

Dok Edgar Delibo                                                                                       (Grand Healing Seminar in Sanciangko Branch)

Last August 25, 2012, Dok Alternatibo Herbal Medicine conducted Grand Healing Seminar at Cebu Business Hotel with huge participation of survivors, radio listener and newspaper readers. All of the participants were willing and eager to learn about alternative medicine how to recover all degenerative diseases or illness with the help of award winning formula. The attendees during seminar were glad to see our guest speaker no other than Dok Edgar L. Delibo, DMAM (Award-Winning Filipino Inventor).

The survivor group in Cebu entertains the said event with a surprised intermission dance tribute to all guests and especially to our birthday celebrant in advanced, Dok Ed. Some of the members prepare a gift and natural food for the advanced celebration. Dok Ed was amazed for these unexpected events that happened for the first time in Cebu.

These events were covered by GMA 7 and it was been broadcast at Bisdak news report after the said event. The survivor gives their charm and humble testimony from what they have felt after taking the Formula of Dok Alternatibo

            Dok Edgar L. Delibo gives a brief message to all people who suffered illness(es) that there are solutions for those degenerative diseases. Follow religiously the award winning formula and it was been proven and tested nationwide. It is easy to follow if we only have a right attitude or self discipline.  

            The said seminar  have been successful with the help of Dok Alternatibo Saciangko Cebu Staffs lead by Dok Soling Bitang and a great ever participation of DMNH coming from different areas in Visayas.