The natural foods prepared for the participants were fresh fruits and vegetables salad withb-complex, honey &  Fulvic mineral with matching  carrots, cucumber, papaya, pineapple, and  bell pepper. They also prepared banana mash Fulvic minerals, muscuvado sugar, B-complex & sesame seeds through Multi-purpose  machine. The drinks prepared were banana milk shake mixed with Fulvic minerals, honey, ice, banana & pure Coconut milk.

The grand healing seminar was successfully held in at M.H Del Pilar Street, Pob. Mlang North Cotabato. Dated last February 12, 2013, the seminar started at exactly 9 am- 1 pm with 55 attendees together with the presence of Dok Elizabeth Tabada, RN, MAN (guest speaker). The topic discussed by the lecturer was about infertility, prostate cancer & heart failure.

One of the member named Mrs. Adelfa Bica learned about the heart organ and its functions. She also said that “Tungod sa heart, may dako nga kahimoan sa atong dugo, ang atong lawas nay natural law ug nay natural body clock. Sa morning ang atong mata mao gyoy una mo lihok og  atong mamatikdan mugawas ang muta kay hugaw og kailangan mailiminit ang atong pawis pamaagi sa pag exercise. Sa noon time ang atong digestion. Sa evening repairing time kailangan ang adult matulog 9 pm og mag mata 3 am. Sa children matulog 7 pm pwde sila mag mata 1 am, og ang atong skin nay ginatawag nga 3rd kidney, every 2 hours dapat mag eliminate.” She learned so much that she even enumerate all the lessons she learned from the educational discussion seminar.

Promos prepared to the beloved survivors and members during healing seminar were the following : Buy 1 take 1 of selected herbal products like fulvic mineral big, magnesium ascorbate, eyesolution, b-complex, premix, omega 356, medicated tea, activated charcoal Capsule & powder (box & Pad), Cleansing Capsule box, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, immune booster, colon cleanse pad, detox soap, Sexolution, gotokula ointment & liniment, sodium ascorbate, malunggay capsule, lagundi capsule & tawa-tawa capsule.

The event end up with a free check up and consultation with Dok Elizabeth Tabada, RN, MAN.