Khozama Needham

“My name is Zama Needham, I’m 31 years old and I came all the way from Sweden. I found out about Rejuvenation Program of Dok Alternatibo basically by YouTube.  I was diagnosed breast cancer stage 2 and I don’t want to go through all the chemotherapy and the operation, so I decided to have my own thing. I went through the research and I found a lot of good stuff and I found a lot of good information about how bad is chemo is for you and the regular operation. One day I saw on YouTube and Googled cancer and I found Dok Alternatibo page.”

I was diagnosed on March 15, that was like 3 months ago. I did not feel pain. I just felt something in my breast. I asked my husband to look at it and he said there’s nothing to worry about. I asked my mom because she had a cancer too before. My mom said I had to call the hospital. I went through mammography, then ultrasound and then biopsy and a small operation to get the lymph under my arms.  They got three of them and after that I stopped everything.”

“I don’t feel any pain, just something under my breast but after a month, I can’t sleep especially on my right side. Since I have been here I can already sleep on my right side so that’s the good thing and good news. I love it here.  I wish I could stay here forever. I didn’t know what i was expecting when I came here. I was speaking to Sarah and she was a wonderful person. I tried to get the cleansing formula to Sweden but it didn’t work. So I just packed my bag and we went here. I took my mom with me. The staffs are kind and they look over your health.”

“My mom supported me because I told her I don’t want to go through chemo. My mom loved her stay here. She said she didn’t know what to expect but she said she will come back for a vacation. This is my first time in the Philippines. I have a lot of friends from Philippines   and it’s such a beautiful place!”

“Before I could feel the mast but now I don’t feel anything. I think there are so many things in nature we don’t know. I’m happy I learned so much here. I am happier with all the staff and the service. I can relax my mind and I feel like I’m coming out in the world.”

“I will tell and recommend to anybody that Rejuvenation is definitely the best way.  Do not listen to the doctors out there, they are pushy and they will scare you. If you want to cure your cancer, there are people that will take care of you to make you healthier. You will be watchful of your food and health. The people treat me here like I’m a queen here.”